Please notice the ongoing obligation to wear a facemask when entering any doctor's office! From October 1st on it has to be a FFP2-mask.

From Feb 20th to March 3rd 2023 the practice stays closed. In urgent cases you can see one of the following doctors: Dr. Weiss Tel. 4707224 Wilhelm-Franke-Strasse 18, or Dr. Nain, Tel. 4724995 Caspar-David-Friedrich-Str. 1z. From 20.2. to 24.2. you can also see Dr. Kestler Tel. 4706263 Spitzwegstrasse 66, from 27.2 to 3.3 also GP Dr.Reichel/Dr.Reichel Tel. 4712711 Lockwitzer Strasse 15, Dr. Klinger Tel.4707623, Wilhelm-Franke-Str. 38., Dr. Zschornack Tel. 4710365, Altstrehlen 3-5 or GP Dr. Fleischer/Dr. Fischer Tel. 4724867, Altstrehlen 3-5. PLEASE CALL AHEAD!

In september we will beginn to use the "E-Rezept" for prescriptions. To recieve and redeem prescriptions via E-Rezept you need the E-Rezept-App, a NFC-enabled Gesundheitskarte from your Health insurance and a PIN for your Gesundheitskarte. Further informations E-Rezept