From April 8th 2023 wearing a face mask in the practise is not mandatory anymore. If you suffer from cold symptoms, please wear one voluntarly. Your fellow patients will thank you!

From 12th to 16th of june the practise stays closed. In urgent cases you can see one of the following doctors:

Dr.Reichel Tel. 4712711, Lockwitzer Strasse 15

Dr. Klinger Tel.4707623, Wilhelm-Franke-Str. 38

Dr. Zschornack Tel. 4710365, Altstrehlen 3-5

GP Dr. Fleischer/Dr.Fischer Tel. 4724867, Altstrehlen 3-5

Dr. Preuß Tel. 4711146, Caspar-David-Friedrich-Str. 13.

On June 12th, 15th and 16th you can also see Dr. Weiss Tel. 4707224, Wilhelm-Franke-Strasse 18.


In september we will beginn to use the "E-Rezept" for prescriptions. To recieve and redeem prescriptions via E-Rezept you need the E-Rezept-App, a NFC-enabled Gesundheitskarte from your Health insurance and a PIN for your Gesundheitskarte. Further informations E-Rezept